Yo yo yo, listen up, I got the legal advice you need
From age relaxation to karambits, I’ll plant the legal seed
Wondering if age relaxation as per govt rules is legit?
I’ll get you the answer and make sure your knowledge is lit
And hey, is PrizePicks legal in Florida?
I’ll dig through the law and give you the whole pict-cha
Are karambits legal in the UK?
I’ll break down the regulations, no need to feel stuck
If you never signed a contract of employment
I’ll show you the rights, make sure you’re well-versed and buoyant
Thinkin’ ’bout joining the RN travel contracts near you?
I’ll guide you through the legal jive and make sure you’re good to pursue
From Cape Town law enforcement salary to European Union employment law
I got the scoop on it all, no need to crawl
Are fire pits legal in Colorado? What about license plate frame law in Arizona?
I’ll unleash the knowledge and keep you in awe
And when your BT broadband contract ends, don’t fret
I’ll give you the legal advice, make sure you ain’t in debt
So there you have it, rap-style legal advice galore
The law ain’t gotta be boring, that’s for sure

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