The Different Types of Data Safety

There are a variety of data security, but the most important ones include:

Authentication is the process of confirming that the individuals who access your personal information are really who they claim to be. This includes passwords and multifactor identification, as well as other methods to verify identity.

Encryption – The method of making data unreadable format to ensure that only those who have the correct keys can view it. This protects sensitive data in transit and at rest including databases, files and emails.

Monitoring – The process which prevents malicious actors from having access to or transferring data outside of your company’s networks by blocking or preventing access at the gateway. This could include data loss prevention (DLP) encryption, and training employees on the best practices.

Backups -The capability Business management tool of rapidly and securely restoring data in the event of a system failure or cyberattack or data breach occurs. This can be accomplished by creating a copy of the data in a different format, or by placing it in the cloud.

Data reduction — The process of only storing the amount of data needed by your business. This helps reduce your vulnerability by decreasing the number of possible cyber-attack targets. It also helps save storage costs and prevents bloat that could cause compliance issues.

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